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Lovers Agate.

Lovers Agate


Lovers Agate


You are the yin to my yang.


Agate has the power to harmonize opposites yin and yang, which could be a nice symbol for your relationship. We’re all different, but together we form a perfect team. We learn how to appreciate and respect each other’s yin and yang.


Share the energy of this Agate geode with your loved one. Keep one to yourself and give the (previously connected) other part to your lover. You'll be connected through this Agate geode forever.


Furthermore, Agate will give you both the sense of safety and security. It’s the protector against bad luck, makes each day a good day by giving you both a happy feeling and cares for both your health.


Origin of this Agate: Brazil


Dimension: between 3-4 cm. Shape can be from round to drop shape.


This product includes 2 halves and beige La Luna boxes with a ribbon. If you like we can pack it extra special in a gift packaging (+€2,00). You can select 'Medium Giftbag' in the last step of your order.


Please note that both parts differ in size and shape as it's a nature product.

We have Agate geodes in the different colors and if you like you can select your color preference. We will do our very best to match your expectations.

Please note these geodes are hand polished at the point where they were connected to give them a shiny look.

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Giftbag Medium


Giftbag Medium


Perfect for our Friendship Crystals, Lovers Agate, massage sticks & all kind of jewellery.

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