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About La Luna

Robin, founder of La Luna, born and raised in a small town next to Amsterdam always had a special connection with crystals.


Since she was a young girl her grandma and grandpa took her to a little store in Giethoorn where they had loads of crystals, she was hooked from the first moment. She loved the way they made her feel and how they could shimmer in the light. Throughout her life, she has always collected stones from every place she visited.


In 2018 she was dreaming about crystals in frames. When she woke up a brand new idea was born! She went to the stores to get all her supplies and went home to try out this new idea of her. The people around her where positively surprised and encouraged her to move on.


That’s how La Luna was born!


The name La Luna, means ‘the moon’ in Spanish. The moon regulates many processes on our earth, like low and high tide. It can affect the way we feel during the day but also how we sleep. Because the idea came during the night while Robin was sleeping, she thought it was a cool idea to name this business after the moon. Maybe the moon helped her creating this new idea during her sleep? Who knows?


In the end, we hope you will enjoy your unique design as much as we had fun with creating it!



Last November founder Robin had an interview with Girls Who Magazine, an online magazine for girls ("who run the world?" "GIRLS!"), about starting your own business in the COVID-19 period.

Curious? Read all about it! (P.S.: it's in Dutch)