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Get cosy this season!

Himalayan Salt Candle.

Mood booster, improves the air, helps against headaches.

€ 7,95

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Amethyst Light.

Bonding, stress relief, insomnia, confidence.

€ 69,95

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Agate Disk (Light).

Safety, good luck, harmony.

€ 24,95


Agate Light.

Safety, good luck, harmony.

€ 39,95

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Rose Quartz Light.

Receive and give love.

€ 29,95

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Selenite Moonlight.

Meditation, grounding, peace and balance.

€ 19,95

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Rock Crystal Light.

Balance, concentration, peace in the body and mind.

€ 29,95

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Red Hematoid Light.

Grounding, concentration. focus, confident, addictions.

€ 29,95


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