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Isn't life all about L O V E? It's so important to love yourself before you can love one another. You are beautiful, you are wholesome, you are exactly what you need to be and you are worthy of love!

We recommend the following crystals for Self-Love:

Rose Quartz - Pyrite - Tiger Eye - Chrysophase - Yellow Calcite - Green Calcite - Citrine - Green Moonstone


Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of love, connected to the heart chakra. It helps to receive and to give love. 


Pyrite relieves anxiety and frustration. It will also guide you to find the reasons behind your emotions. 

Pyrite M.

€ 39,95


Prehnite is good for those who suffer from burn out symptoms. Besides it strengthens your intuition.

Bracelet Prehnite.

€ 24,95


Celestine gives you a calm state of mind and works well against panic attacks. It fills your home with positive energy.

Celestine M.

€ 29,95

Tiger Eye.

Tiger eye gives peace. It helps against overstimulation of the nervous system and it will also help you deal with hyperventilation.


Aquamarine will help you to start living in the moment and will keep you from overthinking. It has a calming energy.

Bracelet Aquamarine.

€ 24,95


Peridot provides strenght and helps you to find balance. It's perfect for peace and rest. It is also a great mood booster.

Necklace Peridot.

€ 49,95


Citrine is the ultimate crystal to help you start loving life again. It strengthens your self-esteem and brings positivity!

Earrings Citrine.

€ 29,95


Carnelian is a great healer for depression. It keeps you grounded and promotes making positive life decisions. 

Ring Carnelian.

€ 29,95


Malachite is a problem solver for anxiety. It activates the chakras and gives spiritual guidance.

Hanger Malachite.

Satin cord necklace - € 19,95

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