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Frames - Key Collection.

Are you in need for a more peaceful, loving, and joy-filled home? We believe that the key of a good atmosphere in your home can be using our crystals. Complete your interior and your inner soul with our personally designed art pieces.


Feel at home in your own home!


All made to order. Delivery takes 1 week. But always before Christmas!


Perfect if you're looking for new creative ideas, better decision making and greater understanding.

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Rock Crystal.

Keeps everything in balance and the mind and emotions clear.

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Pyrite is the stone of action, it brings confidence and stimulates to fulfill your dreams.

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If you need calm in your chaotic mind or want to soothe the fears you may have.

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Abdominal pains because of stress? This stone will help you to get back in balance.

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Chalcedony will help you with clear communication but it also a great healer.

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