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Amethyst hanger.


Hanger Amethyst

€14.95 €7.95

Hanger Amethyst

€14.95 €7.95

Amethyst hanger, to hang on your fave necklace!


Amethyst with silver.

Found in:


Dimensions of the stone:

+/- 2,5 cm.

It's possible to order your hanger including a silver 925 necklace (42 cm).

Every piece of jewellery will be send in a La Luna bag.


*Don't put Amethyst in direct (sun)light, the deep purple color will fade.*


Recommended giftbag: small.


Helps with... new ideas - creativity - imagination - intuition - focus - succes - understanding - calming - soothing - sleeping - grieving.

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